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M.E. First
Empowerment Sessions
Your Journey to

Mental & Emotional Wholeness 

Join this transformational 4-week program

& learn how to Master Putting M.E. First!


The Boat Launcher will empower you to launch out into the deep by taking the steps you need to sail on your journey of unlocking your

True Wealth Potential and Living a Fulfilled & Balanced Life.

During Empowerment Sessions We Cover:

~ Meet the Coach ~

Carol Lynn ~The Boat Launcher~

Carol Lynn Howard, MSW
~ The Boat Launcher ~
CEO, Executive & Empowerment Coach, Mentor, & Public Speaker

Carol Lynn is a Certified Executive Coach (IAPCC), Ordained Minister (PCAF), Mentor, Instructor, and Public Speaker.

Carol Lynn holds a bachelor's (IUSSW) and master's degree (U of I) in Social Work with a concentration in Families & Children. With over a decade of experience in both ministry and the corporate world, Carol Lynn's journey has led her to a powerful realization; M.E. (Mental & Emotional Wholeness) is vital to unlocking our True Wealth!

As you connect with Carol Lynn ~The Boat Launcher~ you will be cultivated & empowered to put M.E. (your mental and emotional wholeness) first, helping you unlock your true wealth potential so that you can live a fulfilled, balanced life.

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If You are ready to unlock Your True Wealth Potential & Live a Fulfilled Balanced life, it's time to embark on Your Journey of putting M.E. First!

No more carrying unauthorized baggage!  It's time to divorce the Lies of your Mental & Emotional Fragments. Get in position to Launch out into the Deep, Say No without regret & Live Unapologetically!

It's time to Get Up, Get Out & Show Up Authentically!

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