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The Boat Launcher

Embark on a Journey to Your True Potential

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Why Work with The Boat Launcher

Navigating Life's Waters with The Boat Launcher

Embark on an empowering journey as The Boat Launcher, Carol Lynn Howard, steers you through the rough seas of life's challenges. With Carol's guidance, you'll anchor in the safe harbors of mental and emotional wholeness, resilience, and true wealth potential. Her unique blend of executive coaching, spiritual insight, and real-world experience equips you to captain your life with purpose and joy.

Why M.E. First

Putting Your Mental and Emotional Wholeness at the Helm

M.E. First is not just a program—it's a beacon guiding you to put your mental and emotional well-being at the forefront. Carol understands that to navigate successfully, the well-being of the captain is paramount. In prioritizing M.E. First, you'll discover a newfound clarity and energy to sail toward your life's goals with confidence.

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My Story

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Contrary to many popular trending thoughts and beliefs, I definitely look like everything I have been through! As I share the testimony of my personal journey, many often say to me, "You are so strong" or "I am inspired by your strength," and all I can think is, if it was not for God, I don't know where I would be right now!


I have come to believe that my resiliency, tenacity, and flat-out audacity have been cultivated by every single test, trial, and valley I've experienced, as well as all of the amazing and rewarding seasons of my life. From getting pregnant at the age of 16, dropping out of high school, being divorced twice, to living in a homeless shelter for battered women as a single mother of 3 and being a welfare recipient, my journey has been a testament to the perseverance power of Christ.


See, I don't take for granted that my outlook on life and mindset could be so different right now! After all I have experienced, I still have a smile on my face, see the good in others, and pour out relentlessly to those around me. I wholeheartedly believe in encouraging, empowering, and cultivating mindsets so that those I connect with will have the opportunity to become all they were created to be and purposed to do.


My journey has shaped my belief in the incredible potential within each individual, no matter their circumstances. Through it all, I've learned that transformation is possible, and that's what drives me as The Boat Launcher—to empower and launch others out to set sail on their own journeys of growth, resilience, and success.

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About Me

I am Carol Lynn Howard ~The Boat Launcher~

I am a Certified Executive Coach (IAPCC), Ordained Minister (PCAF), Mentor, Instructor, and Public Speaker.
I hold a bachelor's (IUSSW) and master's degree (U of I) in Social Work with a concentration in Families & Children. With over a decade of experience in both ministry and the corporate world, my journey has led me to a powerful realization; M.E. is vital to unlocking True Wealth!

Like many of you, I wear a multitude of hats on a daily basis, I am a mother, wife, grandmother, daughter, coach, confidant, mentor, teacher, trainer, etc. On a daily basis, we all face making difficult discussions, caring for and engaging with others, loss on so many levels, while juggling family, work, ministry, relationships, entrepreneurship, and so much more.

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Learn About My Approach

As The Boat Launcher, my approach is rooted in the belief that true transformation begins within. I am dedicated to launching individuals and businesses toward a path of growth, resilience, and success through cultivation and empowerment. 

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M.E. ~ Mental and Emotional Wholeness:

Your emotional and mental health are key determinants of your journey. I prioritize these aspects by providing the tools and resources needed to assess, cultivate, strengthen, & enhance your life.

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Mindset Cultivation:

I strongly believe that a positive mindset is the foundation for success. I work closely with my clients to reshape their perspectives, overcome limiting beliefs, and foster a mindset of abundance, possibility and wealth.

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Is at the heart of what I do. I empower you to take control of your Boat (yourself or business) and Launch you toward your goals.

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Resilience Building

Life's challenges are inevitable, but resilience is the key to overcoming them. I help you build resilience, by utilizing the lessons learned through each life challenge to equip you with the strength and faith you need to navigate any storm that comes your way.

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Personalized Strategies:

Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, I tailor my coaching and mentoring to your unique needs, ensuring that the strategies we develop together are specifically designed to Launch you forward.

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